Rise in Older Adult Programs Driven by Rec Centers, Parks

In the past 10 years, the number of respondents to the Industry Report survey who offer programming for active older adults has increased from 37.4% to 52.4%, driven largely by growth in these program offerings at rec center respondents’ and parkgraph respondents’ facilities. This comparison comes from new data from the 2024 State of the Industry Report, which will appear in the June 2024 issue of Recreation Management.

In 2014, 37.4% of all respondents said they offered programs for active older adults, led by respondents from Ys (78.9% of whom offered this type of programming), health clubs (55.4%) and parks (54.2%). 

In 2024, rec centers overtook Ys and are now the most likely to offer programming for active older adults, with 76.7% of rec center respondents indicating they offer this type of programming. Park respondents also showed growth in this area, with 62.8% indicating they now offer programming for active older adults.

Stay tuned for more information from our latest edition of the Industry Report survey! 

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