SiteOne Lawncare and Golf Product Offerings Expand with FMC Corporation Partnership

SiteOne Landscape Supply is expanding its turf maintenance and pest management product offerings with FMC Corporation’s newest insecticide, Durentis. The proprietary formulation provides contractors, golf course superintendents and pest management professionals with above- and below-ground protection from chewing pests in lawns and golf courses. 

“Adding Durentis to SiteOne’s offerings is a strong step in ensuring our customers have everything they need to be successful on the job,” said Kevin Laycock, director of category management at SiteOne. 

Formulated for only one application to last all season, Durentis is a highly concentrated formula of chlorantraniliprole that gives fast-acting protection against pests like grubs, fall armyworms, turf caterpillars, cutworms and annual bluegrass weevils (ABW). Its unique properties allow the insecticide to quickly move through turf, protecting it without the need for additional irrigation. With its one-time application and fast-acting properties, Durentis is saving users time and money while protecting turf from root to tip.

“Already a leader in the golf, lawn care and pest management sectors, partnering with FMC to bring their innovative products to our customers was an obvious choice,” Laycock said. “With products like Durentis in our lineup, we look forward to further helping contractors and pest professionals grow their businesses.”