Health Clubs, Colleges Have Strongest Fitness Focus

While more than half (50.5%) of all respondents to the 2024 Industry Report survey said they had a fitness center at their facilities, respondents from health clubs, colleges and Ys were the most likely to have fitness centers, and likewise to offer fitness programs.graph

A majority of respondents from health clubs (93.2%), colleges (91.4%) and Ys (76.7%) said they currently had a fitness center at their facilities. More than half of respondents from rec centers (63%) and schools (55.2%) also had a fitness center. Respondents from parks (34.5%) and camps (8%) were the least likely to have a fitness center at their facilities.

Fitness program offerings followed a similar track, with 89.2% of health club respondents, 81.3% of college respondents and 77.1% of Y respondents reporting that they currently have fitness programs at their facilities. They were followed by rec centers (75.6%), parks (57.1%) and schools (45.8%). Just 9.8% of respondents from camps said they had any fitness programs at their facilities. 

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