More Than Two-Thirds Plan Construction

More than two-thirds of respondents to the Industry Report survey in 2024 said they had plans for construction at their facilities overgraph the next several years. Some 68.3% said they were planning construction of some kind. 

They were led by respondents from camps, where 85.4% of respondents had plans for construction. Camps were followed by Ys (78.7%), and parks (74.6%). Respondents from health clubs were the least likely to be planning construction at their facilities, though one-third (33.3%) said they had such plans.

When it comes to adding amenities to their facilities, almost half (47%) of respondents to the Industry Report survey said they were planning to add features of any kind over the next few years. Respondents from parks were the most likely to have such plans, with 57.8% of park respondents indicating they would be adding amenities to their facilities. They were followed by camps (56.6%), rec centers (45.5%) and schools (43.3%). 

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