Camps Expect Revenue Growth in 2024

More than seven out of 10 (70.3%) respondents to the Industry Report survey representing camp facilities, including youth camps, asgraph well as RV parks and campgrounds, said they expect their revenues in 2024 to be higher than in 2023. Another 24.3% are expecting no change, and 5.4% projected that revenues would decline this year.

Looking back, around half (51.4%) of camp respondents said their revenues in 2023 were higher than in 2022, while 37.8% said there was no change to revenues, and 10.8% saw their revenues decrease.

Looking forward to 2025, 60% of camp respondents are expecting to see increasing revenues, with 37.1% anticipating no year-over-year change, and just 2.9% expecting a decrease. 

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