ICAA Think Tank Seeks to Redefine Senior Living

The International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) is excited to unveil a transformative report from its recent think tank event, presenting a reimagined vision for senior living. The report, titled "Living Better, Longer: A new narrative for senior living," highlights the significance of wellness-centric lifestyles for older adults, marking a substantial departure from traditional perceptions of senior living communities.

In April, the ICAA convened 50 experts from senior living communities, healthcare organizations, and industry suppliers at the ICAA Forum, an innovative think tank. Through a dynamic design process, these leaders developed narratives that support a new business model prioritizing wellness lifestyles integrating care options as needed.

The "Living Better, Longer" narrative aims to dismantle the outdated stereotypes associated with senior living by highlighting the potential for a fulfilling life through wellness. This new approach ensures that senior living communities can meet the evolving needs and desires of today’s older adults, creating environments where wellness is seamlessly integrated into daily life.

"By embracing this wellness-focused narrative, senior living communities can better align with contemporary societal trends," said Colin Milner, CEO of ICAA. "We are not merely providing care; we are offering a lifestyle that supports longer, healthier lives."

Milner added, "This new narrative is transformative for our industry. It not only enhances occupancy and resident satisfaction but also positions senior living communities as vibrant, desirable places to live and work."

The ICAA Forum continues to shape the future of senior living by advocating for wellness lifestyles and settings. For more insights and recommendations, you can download the latest report from their website at https://www.icaa.cc//listing.php?type=white_papers

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