Ys, Rec Centers Lead on Swim Lessons for All Ages

A majority of aquatic respondents to the Industry Report survey (79.9%) said they currently offer learn-to-swim programs forgraph children. And nearly six in 10 (58.2%) said they offer swim lessons for adults. A similar number (59.1%) said they currently include water safety programs at their facilities.

Ys lead the way on swim lessons for patrons of all ages, with 100% of Y respondents with aquatics indicating they provide learn-to-swim for children, and 87.2% offering learn-to-swim for adults. Ys also lead on water safety programs, with 84.6% of Y respondents with aquatics indicating they host water safety programs.

When it comes to learn-to-swim for kids, parks were the next most likely supplier of this type of program, with 90.3% of parks indicating they provide children's swim lessons. They were followed closely by rec centers, where 89.4% of aquatic respondents have kids' swim lessons. Rec centers were more likely than parks, however, to provide swim lessons for adults--70.2% vs. 56.6%.

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