IndigoFitness Launches Groundbreaking Recovery Modules in Collaboration With Power Plate

IndigoFitness, known for their bespoke club designs, has placed a marker in the sand for recovery - developing a number of recovery modules that incorporate both priming and restorative techniques to help people prepare and recover for their physical activities. 


Working closely with wellness industry experts Ian O'Dwyer, founder of Feel SOMA and Richard Boyd, Director of Global Wellness Designs, IndigoFitness has developed, designed and delivered an exciting new solution set to revolutionise the industry’s perception of recovery. Ian believes that the key to achieving this lies in "moving fluid through the hard and soft tissues."One of the new recovery modules has been developed in collaboration with Power Plate (a Performance Health Systems brand), utilising their state-of-the-art Whole Body Vibration technology to facilitate this process.


Richard Boyd adds, "Power Plate's Whole Body Vibration technology was selected based on the ability of their plate to move in 3 planes of motion. The recovery modules are specifically designed to optimise fluid movement, allowing the vibrations to push the blood, lymph, and water through the tissues for greater healing and recovery benefits."


As the global leader in Whole Body Vibration Training for over 20 years, Power Plate products have been scientifically proven to enhance exercise by optimising warm-up and aiding recovery. With this new partnership, Power Plate aims to raise awareness of the powerful benefits of whole-body vibration, extending their reach beyond traditional gym settings to performance and military facilities, as well as the hospitality, corporate, medical, and senior wellness sectors.


Performance Health Systems (PHS) CEO, Lee Hillman says “We are delighted to partner with Rob Coleman and the team at IndigoFitness and to raise awareness of the powerful benefits of whole body vibration as a key element of a comprehensive priming and recovery solution. We look forward to supporting them on their journey.”


IndigoFitness CEO, Rob Coleman, emphasises the importance of recognizing recovery as an integral aspect of the training space to unlock full potential, enhance performance, and minimise the risk of injuries. He states, "We're excited to bring our new recovery concept to market and work together with Power Plate to deliver an all-in-one solution for priming and restorative modalities."


The vibration module allows for easy integration with other IndigoFitness recovery modalities or can be used as a standalone pod in any space. By offering this cutting-edge solution, IndigoFitness continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative and personalised fitness solutions.


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