Surf Park Central Launches Annual Consumer Trends Survey

Surf Park Central is excited to announce the launch of its annual Consumer Trends Survey. As part of the mission to connect, educate, and support the surf park industry, Surf Park Central regularly conducts surveys and produces reports based on
original research. Developers and surf park operators can then use the data to help design, market and invest in surf park projects.

The latest survey is now live and available in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, and participants have the chance to win one of four $150 gift cards.

Since 2015, Surf Park Central has been collecting and analyzing consumer sentiment about surf parks, tracking trends and attitudes that are invaluable to industry stakeholders. These insights help shape operational and marketing strategies, support pre-development and feasibility assumptions, and enhance data rooms for funding rounds.

The most recent report, containing nearly 100 pages of insights and 50 data visualizations, is available for purchase here. Topics covered include:

● Market Indicators: Recreation Participation and Value, Surfing Participation in various countries, Surf Travel Behavior and Spending, and more.
● Surf Park Consumer Trends: Shifting attitudes, user profiles, appealing attributes, preferred wave height, travel frequency, duration of stay, group sizes, rentals, and daily spending.
● Sustainability and Consumer Trends in Surf Parks: Energy efficiency concerns, demand for renewable energy, water conservation, and willingness to pay for sustainable practices.

Some key market indicators discovered through past surveys include:

● Willingness to pay for 10 perfect waves has increased 206% - 307% since 2015.
● Early surf park hesitancy among surfers has completely evaporated.
● The willingness to travel two hours or more to a surf park has increased 70% since 2015.
● Women, less experienced surfers, and those who are yet to visit a surf park are most concerned about the sustainability of surf parks.

With your help, Surf Park Central aims to bring more useful data and insights based on 2024 data. This year, they are adding questions on customer preferences for non-surf amenities and on-site accommodations.

To view the survey, visit