SportsArt Sustainable Fitness Equipment Featured in York University Tait Mckenzie Centre

SportsArt, the leader in sustainable fitness and green solutions for over 40 years, is featured in Toronto, Ontario’s York University Tait Mckenzie Centre as the sustainable cardio fitness equipment provider for the university–– demonstrating its commitment to affordable and clean energy.

York’s fitness facility is one of the most widely used areas on campus. So, in order to realize a tangible sustainability impact, the university decided to invest its funding resources into rehabbing it with green equipment. SportsArt was selected for its alignment with York University’s sustainability goals as well as its impact in helping them in their desire to create a climate and culture of sustainability.

Showcased in the Tait McKenzie Centre are 43 pieces of SportsArt’s innovative energy generating ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment––including the G690 Treadmill, G576R Recumbent Cycle and the G260 Rower—which harnesses the energy of human movement and converts it to clean, usable electricity. SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ premium cardio equipment turns any campus recreation center into a green fitness solution. Combining user-friendly controls, reliable durability, and unmatched sustainability, equipment in this line converts up to 74% of user-generated energy into clean, renewable electricity. In fact, the G690 Verde Treadmill is the first treadmill in the industry to harness human power and convert it to utility grade electricity and is capable of capturing up to 200 Watts/hour of energy—giving back to the grid as students work out.

“The driving force to decide on the SportsArt equipment was the sustainability factor,” said Art McDonald, manager of fitness and wellbeing at York University. “These machines harness energy in terms of friction and other things that happen within the unit, with each machine having its own micro inverter that changes that energy into something that the electrical grid can use.”

The SportsArt fitness equipment is also having a positive impact on students, with many enjoying the sustainable features, such as built-in phone chargers.

“When I first saw the SportsArt machines, I was skeptical about them,” said Sandesh, a fourth year film production student at York University. “I then got on them and started using them. I think it's really cool that the new machines are sustainable. I can pop my phone in while I’m working out and it's cool to know I’m the one charging my phone.”

“Both SportsArt and York University are deeply committed to sustainable solutions that benefit the planet and provide an excellent user experience,” said Ruben Mejia, executive vice president, SportsArt Americas. “The full line of SportsArt cardio equipment that is featured in the Tait Mckenzie Centre consumes 32% less electricity than other brands on the market, plus it is created using a sustainable manufacturing process—allowing students to feel good physically while also feeling good about their contributions to the environment.”