Transform Expectations With a Water-Based Family Entertainment Center

Looking for innovative ways to encourage your community or guests to get out and play? Want to provide a unique destination that combines active and passive recreation with nature and open water?

There’s no denying that people are drawn to the water. Encourage them to immerse themselves in nature. A water-based family entertainment center brings active and passive recreation to your open water and waterfront. This new category of recreation reaches all demographics with its intentional and inclusive design, making use of the natural landscape and water to create a variety of land-based and open-water recreation zones, like Aqua Parks.

Whether you’ve already got a body of water like a lakefront or former quarry, or you create a body of water to meet the needs of your community, you can bring this unique form of recreation to your community. In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn more about the benefits of this innovative new approach to recreation, including revenue-building opportunities and the economic value of utilizing sustainable natural resources.
  • Discover how to best combine land and water-based recreation to provide a way for every demographic to get involved in the fun.
  • Explore case studies of municipalities, developers, resorts and others that have implemented their own unique water based family entertainment venue

Get the most out of your natural assets and find ways to reimagine those spaces to create new ways to recreate, build community and drive revenue.

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Visit Our Sponsor(s)
Ron Romens
Commercial Recreation Specialists

As president of CRS, Ron has established leadership in the commercial recreation industry and specializes in helping public and private entities develop open-water recreation venues—from concept through completion.

With 30-plus years of experience in recreation and five WhoaZone Aquapark locations across the U.S., Ron will share innovative methods to his proven expertise in the recreation industry.