Creating Safe, Welcoming Park Sites With Innovative Solar Lighting Solutions

 A welcoming environment and the perception of safety are crucial factors in the success of any park or public site. Lighting up parks and communities is one way to make visitors feel safe and welcome, but it can be challenging to find the right solution. Traditional AC lights have been the go-to solution, but these projects can become complex, with costly infrastructure requirements and high ongoing energy bills.

In recent years, new avenues have opened up to help communities light up their parks without the budget and site challenges associated with traditional methods. Commercial solar lighting has made significant strides in recent years due to evolving technologies and reductions in production costs for LEDs and solar panels.

You can expand the use of your parks and sites with simple lighting solutions that will improve aesthetics and safety, achieve a significant cost saving while providing a more sustainable solution for your community. This presentation will:

  • Discuss the challenges parks face with patron safety and evening usage.
  • Review advancements and break down perceived challenges in solar lighting.
  • Demonstrate the latest in solar lighting technology.
  • Provide guidance in selecting solar lighting for parks and other community sites.

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Don Bennett
Don Bennett
National Sales Manager
Gama Sonic

Don’s passion is working with clients and helping them find solutions to their issues. Working for innovative companies like Gama Sonic USA throughout his 22-year career has allowed Don to follow his passion. He joined the Gama Sonic team two years ago to grow the Parks and Recreation segment. During his time at Gama Sonic, Don has been actively involved in providing lighting solutions to parks and recreation departments throughout the U.S. and Canada. His educational background in engineering provides Don the ability to help customers solve real-world problems with innovation solutions.