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Four Technologies to Reduce Costs & Improve Water Quality

Running an aquatic facility can be a costly endeavor, especially for facilities using older equipment. But more and more facilities are adopting new, cost-saving technologies that can improve water quality while also reducing operational costs.

In this webinar, operational managers, facility managers, swim coaches and other key stakeholders at aquatic facilities will learn about four cost-saving technologies. Discussion topics will include automation equipment, disinfection and filtration. Learn more about how regenerative media filters, ultraviolet disinfection, chemical control and variable frequency drives can improve operations at your aquatic facility, lowering your operational costs while improving water quality, creating a safe and pleasant swimming environment for all.


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Scott Hyland

Scott Hyland is an expert in commercial water filtration, specializing in competition pools, waterparks, aquariums and other large aquatic facilities. He has more than 15 years of experience providing solutions for recreational water facilities across the United States, Central and South America. He currently works for Neptune-Benson, a leader in recreational water and filtration.

Tom Schaeffer

Tom is an expert in water disinfection. His experience includes UV disinfection, as well as chemical control. He has more than 15 years of experience in water quality, most recently working for ETS-UV and industry pioneer Wallace & Tiernan. Tom is a frequent speaker at seminars and training events covering water disinfection.