Outdoor Shade
Designing Sites With Shade in Mind

In addition to giving patrons and visitors a place to get out of the sun, shade structures and shelters can help provide a unique aesthetic to your site, as well as protect such equipment as playgrounds and picnic areas.

This webinar will provide a comprehensive look at the orientation, style options and engineering requirements when using pre-engineered shade structures and shelters in parks and other large spaces. Attendees will learn outdoor shadesplanning insights, as our experts discuss and portray a variety of solutions that are currently available that maximize coverage and protection, and add the highest aesthetic value for the space.

In this webinar, you will become familiar with engineering requirements regulated by building department code for temporary shade and permanent shelter structures. You will gain a better understanding of how to plan designs, knowing the impact of how important the positioning of shade becomes in relation to sun direction and functional spaces being covered. Finally, you will learn to select the best design solution for your site based on the variety of shapes and styles of shade and shelters available in the marketplace.

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Brent Derbecker
Shade & Shelter Brand Manager
Superior Recreational Products