Improving Water Treatment at Aquatic Facilities With UV

Maintaining water quality is crucial to aquatic operations, which is just one reason why the Model Aquatic Health Code recommends a secondary line of water treatment, such as UV. Used alongside more traditional chlorine treatment systems, UV systems are an effective solution to help maintain water quality. And because they're so effective at maintaining water quality, UV systems will help reduce the need for chemicals in your pool, helping streamline your operations so you save resources. In addition, UV systems can help remove chloramines, which can be harmful to swimmers' health and your facility.

Maintaining water and air quality all while reducing the need for chemicals in your pool means your facility runs more effectively and efficiently.

This webinar will examine the benefits and effectiveness of UV systems for commercial aquatic facilities. From an overview to specific examples of installations from across the country, we'll look more closely at more effectively treating water in pools, spraygrounds and waterparks.

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John Watt

John Watt has been with Pentair Water Quality systems for more than 20 years. During this time, he has held the following titles: service manager, national trainer, product specialist, and his current role as product development specialist for North America. John's current projects are Acu-Drive variable frequency drives and Bio Shield UV systems for commercial and residential pools.

Mike Fowler
Commercial Marketing & Sales Manager
Pentair Commercial