Boost Performance, Save Money With an Aquatic Energy Audit

An energy audit of your aquatic facility can identify many opportunities for streamlining your operations to help your pool and aquatic attractions run more efficiently.

According to Recreation Management's 2015 Industry Report, respondents from aquatic facilities were much more likely to report that they had taken actions to improve energy efficiency over the past year. While less than half (47.2 percent) of those without aquatics had done so, nearly six in 10 (58.4 percent) of aquatics respondents had moved to streamline their operations by reducing energy consumption.

In this webinar, you will learn about the various ways you can boost performance and save money at your facility by finding ways to save energy. From smart tools like variable frequency drives and pool covers to simple changes to existing features, such as replacing pool lights with LEDs, you can find many ways to help reduce your pool's environmental impact, along with your operating costs.

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Aaron Stein
Senior Energy Analyst
City of San Antonio
Mike Fowler
Commercial Marketing & Sales Manager
Pentair Commercial
John Watt

John Watt has been with Pentair Water Quality systems for more than 20 years. During this time, he has held the following titles: service manager, national trainer, product specialist, and his current role as product development specialist for North America. John's current projects are Acu-Drive variable frequency drives and Bio Shield UV systems for commercial and residential pools.