5 Steps to Create A Recreation Destination / Uncover Opportunities for Recreation on Land & Water

Discover how to create a captivating recreation experience that attracts visitors of all ages and backgrounds while providing social, economic and environmental benefits. This webinar will take you on a journey through real-life examples from small-scale municipalities to enchanting day-trip attractions, to uncover five steps for transforming underutilized assets or outdated properties into vibrant and engaging “back to nature” recreation destinations.

Whether it involves enhancing your waterfront, reimagining your outdated pool or creating an entirely new body of water, we’ll help you uncover waterfront wonders. No matter the size of your facility or budget, we’ll demonstrate how a phased approach can help you realize your dream facility. Join us!

In this webinar, our expert presenters will cover five steps to the harmonious integration of an Aqua Park and the natural water’s edge, including:

1.   Site assessment and planning.
2.   Aqua Park design.
3.   Opportunities on the water.
4.   Opportunities surrounding the water.
5.   Opportunities beyond the water.

Visit Our Sponsor(s)

Visit Our Sponsor(s)
Ron Romens
Commercial Recreation Specialists

As president of CRS, Ron has established leadership in the commercial recreation industry and specializes in helping public and private entities develop open-water recreation venues—from concept through completion.

With 30-plus years of experience in recreation and five WhoaZone Aquapark locations across the U.S., Ron will share innovative methods to his proven expertise in the recreation industry.