From Outdated to Outstanding: Modernizing Parks Through Proactive Asset Management




Ensuring your parks are inviting to the community means staying on top of a diverse array of tasks, from purchasing and installing new equipment to ensuring that existing equipment is well-maintained. This is no small task, as park operations can include hundreds of assets that require investments in acquisition, maintenance and more. When equipment is outdated or you fail to modernize and incorporate new technology, your community can become disengaged. Proactive asset management can help make park management and maintenance simpler and more efficient.  

This webinar will explore the unique challenges presented by managing park assets, as well as the key components of proactive asset management and maintenance, including data collection and analysis, risk assessments, funding and community engagement.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to get started implementing proactive asset management, including tips for success.

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Camron Cutler
Senior Product Leader

Camron Cutler is a senior product leader, with over 15 years of remarkable achievements in product management and team leadership. Throughout his career, Camron has consistently prioritized enhancing the customer experience; this continues to hold true in his work with AssetWorks EAM and specifically Parks & Recreation organizations.

Raised in Boise, Idaho, Camron’s memories are enriched by the natural beauty of the region’s parks. With over 90 parks in the Boise area, he recalls moments spent among the scenic landscapes, whether enjoying walks with family, engaging in activities with friends or participating in weekend soccer matches.

Through his expertise and dedication, Camron is committed to assisting Parks & Recreation organizations in their mission to serve their communities by creating and maintaining memorable parks.