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Here We Go!

In the current world, where everything seems to change at a rapid pace while we're simultaneously stuck in a strange waiting room of sorts, it's nearly impossible to guess what comes next.

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Money Matters

When we asked readers to respond to our annual survey in January, salaries were well up, year-over-year, and in a May Update Survey, we found that the majority had seen no change, as of yet. Tune in here to find out more about recreation, sports and fitness careers in our Salary Survey.


Coming Back to Aquatics

Operating an aquatic facility efficiently has long been a challenge. We talked to experienced aquatics programmers to find out how the right programming mix can help.


Flexible Building Solutions

Nonconventional structures are showing their effectiveness through the coronavirus pandemic, from flexible solutions easily adapted to healthcare, to buildings that let fresh air and sunshine in.

Web Exclusives

Misconceptions About Chlorine Demand

There have been several changes in water care over the past few years, including an increase in saltwater pools and more. Through these changes, one problem that remains prevalent is chlorine demand.


The Growing Importance of Virtual Programming

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved much of the world online, and people of all generations are coming to embrace virtual engagement opportunities. Find out how to use virtual programming to boost your revenue potential with minimal overhead.


EVENT MANAGEMENT: Wrapping Things Up

If you want to get an event going—and keep improving over the long term—post-event evaluation will help you identify areas of success, and areas where you could do better.


MINI GOLF: R&R for Football Players

At this new center for hard-working football players, the rooftop at the Smith Football Center at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign provides a place to recreate, with mini golf and more.


Tucson Mountain Park

Around a decade ago, while in Tucson, Ariz., for a conference in late July, I happily discovered a trailhead right across the street from my hotel.