March 2023 Issue


The Wonder of Water

Develop Your Waterfront & Create a Destination
In the past, waterfronts were often reserved for industrial uses, but as those needs have diminished, communities are looking to spruce things up and create opportunities for people to connect with the water through riverwalks, waterfront parks and even on-the-water activities. 

Get Wired

Colleges & Rec Centers Engage Gamers With Esports Offerings
Esports opportunities have been popping up on more and more college campuses, and now local community centers are getting in on the act, too.

Looking Good

New Trends in Locker Room Design
Locker room spaces continue to raise the bar, providing safer, more aesthetically pleasing, more inclusive spaces. 

Eye on the Future

Park Masterplanning Keeps Things on Track
Whether it’s an individual park or an entire park system, having an idea of your long-term goals can help you get from here to there. Learn more about masterplanning for parks.

Catch the Imagination

Add Themes to Make a Playspace More Inviting & Exciting
Playgrounds come in all shapes and sizes, but to create a destination, many playground operators turn to themes. From a pirate ship or a fairy castle to a farmstead or a rocket, these themes can ignite the imagination.

Welcome One, Welcome All

Considerations for a Well-Furnished Site
Selecting site furnishings requires consideration for an array of factors, from the prevailing climate at your site to your park’s primary uses, aesthetics and more. Here, we examine some of the ways to approach park furnishing decisions. 


inPERSPECTIVE / PICKLEBALL: The Pickleball Effect

There’s a reason pickleball is becoming so popular. It’s fun for everyone!

inPERSPECTIVE / AQUATICS: Keeping Water Clean With Preventive Supplements

Don’t overlook the importance of enzymes for keeping your pool water clean, clear and safe for swimmers. 

inPERSPECTIVE / DOG PARKS: The Modern Dog Park 3.0

Where dog parks were once a nice-to-have, they’ve increasingly become a necessary amenity for communities looking to serve pet parents.

inSERVICE / Teaching Kids to Swim, Community by Community

In Kansas, a partnership arose to bring swimming lessons to an area with some of the worst health outcomes in the state.

Web Exclusives

Get Rid of Stains 

No commercial aquatic facility wants stains in their pools. Here are tips on getting a stain-free pool with sparkling water. 

Renovating a Classic Fountain

Atlanta’s Hurt Park and its iconic fountain have been downtown city fixtures for more than eight decades. A recent extensive renovation aimed to address time’s toll on the site.

From the Editor's Desk

Get Ready

Spring is just about here. Are you prepared?

Plan & Execute

Designing and outfitting a park requires thoughtful planning and careful execution.  

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