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Question Marks

On a smaller scale, everyone who manages a recreation, sports or fitness facility is wrestling with similar questions. What will happen when you open your doors again? 


Smooth Operators

Aquatic facilities are vastly complex operations, requiring a certain amount of know-how just to keep them running efficiently—and taking even more acumen to ensure they aren't a drain on the budget.

Digital Edition

May 2020


Aquatic FacilityA Guide to Aquatic Facility Operations

Our Guide to Aquatic Facility Operations dives deep into the knowledge you need to run your pool or aquatic facility successfully. We talked to design pros, equipment manufacturers and safety experts to get the rundown on how to improve your aquatic operations.

Aquatic Pros Talk Design

In order to achieve operational success at your aquatic facility, you need to start with the design, factoring in your audience and market, as well as how to create aesthetic appeal.


Aquatic Pros Talk Equipment

We talked to two pool manufacturer executives and a certified service technician to find out what pool operators should know about pumps, heaters, chlorination systems, secondary disinfection, efficiency, sustainability and safety of water and air.


Aquatic Pros Talk Safety

Whether it's a community pool, a waterpark or a resort amenity, each aquatic facility has its own unique needs when it comes to safety. Find out more about how to improve safety at your facility.

On a Roll

Creating a bike-friendly park or community begins with infrastructure, and continues with providing a place for bikers of all ages to have some fun and get their wheels rolling.


Look Out Below!

Your budget, your ability to handle maintenance requirements and your aesthetic needs are all factors to consider when choosing the right surfacing for your playground.


Create Community on Campus

Campus recreation facilities aim to improve wellness among students on campus, while providing a social hub and place to engage with the entire campus community.

Web Exclusives

A Creative Rec Center Renovation

Faced with austerity measures, the village of Webster, N.Y., explored innovative cost-saving measures to develop a recreation center for the community, ultimately choosing a creative renovation of an existing facility.



DOG PARKS: More Than Just for the Dogs

Dog parks have become tremendously popular, and with good reason: They provide a great outlet for pooches, but are also social gathering places for their owners. Be sure to outfit your dog park to keep everyone happy—on two legs or four.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Injury Prevention & Amusement Course Safety

Challenge courses and ninja adventure courses at trampoline parks and other recreation venues come with some level of risk. Learn more about preventing injuries in these unique facilities.

PLAYGROUNDS: Playgrounds Build Community Through Cooperation

How can we recapture playgrounds’ appeal and invest in equipment that meets children’s needs, and ultimately those of the greater community?



When it came time to light up the ballfields and beyond at this sports complex in Vicksburg, Miss., efficient and effective solutions were close at hand.