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You've Come a Long Way!

What kinds of new developments will occur in the next 15 years?

Just Add Water

If there were ever any doubt about just how much people love aquatic venues, from swimming pools and splash pads to aquatic parks and hot tubs, just witness what happened when these facilities were forced to shut down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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May 2021



Aquatic Facility DesignA Guide to Aquatic Design

After a year when many aquatic facilities shut down entirely or partially, some have had a chance to renovate or make other improvements. In our Guide to Aquatic Design, we consider savvy renovation strategies, and also take a look at what’s trending in natatoriums and aquatic park designs.

Purposeful Pools

What’s New in Natatorium Design? Natatoriums are always working to enhance their offerings and draw a variety of users to keep their facilities successful, while also addressing the challenges of air and water quality.

Water Worlds

As construction of new indoor and outdoor aquatic parks again ramps up, park designers are seeing clients opt to go bigger and better using the latest product innovations to create more exciting, more active and more intergenerational parks.

Smart Strategies

Using smart strategies and innovations can make all the difference in getting your pool into tip-top shape. By establishing a set of goals and conducting a thorough assessment of your facility, you can renovate your pool successfully—without breaking the bank.

The Community Experience

Flexibility is essential to the design of successful rec centers, whether they're designed for a diverse local community or a college campus. Learn more about trends in rec center design.

Emerging Trends in Sports Facility Design

Sports facility design is always looking to upgrade the experience—for players, for viewers and for coaches and staff. This year is no exception, with special attention given to health.

Hindsight Is 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has presented some unique challenge to recreation, sports and fitness facilities, leading to innovations in design for what's outside.

Web Exclusives

Specialty Chemicals for Special Times

Proper pool care is based on preventing disease, protecting equipment and providing the expected swimmer experience. Maintaining adequate sanitation is the key to all three.

The Test of Time

The new 130,000-square-foot Robert Crown Community Center opened in March 2020, with a modern, clean and durable look that will weather well in the long term.


DOG PARKS: Monetize Your Community Dog Parks

Dog parks have become a tremendously popular amenity, and there are ways you can jump on that bandwagon and boost your bottom line.

DESIGN: Design for Change

Resilient recreational spaces take a variety of viewpoints into account to create flexibility and spaces that engage and adapt with time.



SOCCER COMPLEX: A Sustainable Fix

At this soccer complex, wear around the bench area was becoming problematic, but an eco-friendly approach made use of recycled tires to solve the problem.


SHAPE America: Creating Healthy Bodies & Minds

Founded in 1885, SHAPE America - Society of Health and Physical Educators - is the voice of more than 200,000 health and physical education professionals across the United States. The SHAPE America community consists of health and physical educators in addition to advocates, supporters and more than 50 state affiliate organizations.