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The Only Constant

Some things seem constant, but we all know the adage: The only constant is change.

Digital Edition

September 2021


Safe Havens

From pavilions that provide a central focal point for a park to shade sails that offer sun protection for swimmers in the pool, there's a multitude of ways to beautify your site and please your patrons with shelters and shade.


Your Pool Toolkit

The "if you build it, they will come" concept might work for some facilities, but when it comes to swimming pools, once built, you need to outfit them with the right mix of accessories to maximize attendance.


Outdoor Fitness Comes Into Its Own

When the pandemic forced most gyms to shut down or reduce capacity, many members took their workouts to the great outdoors. As a result, outdoor fitness, which was already seeing a boom, has really taken off.


Playing in a Winter Wonderland

For many facilities and recreation organizations, when the mercury drops, outdoor programming is at an end. But smart planning and flexibility can enable fun in the great outdoors on a year-round basis.

Web Exclusives

Dealing With Swamp Pools

When temperatures soar and pools see higher bather loads, the water can turn quickly from clean to green. Learn more about how to clean up a swampy pool—and how to prevent the problem proactively.

Addressing the Parks Maintenance Backlog

New funding is available for projects related to parks and outdoor activities, with $900 million to be used for upcoming projects, providing an abundance of opportunities across the country.



SPLASH PLAY: Simple Splash Pad Renovations to Boost Attendance & Fun

If it’s getting to be time to replace your out-of-date spraygrounds, rest assured that renovations don’t have to be overly complex. Find out more about simple ways to upgrade splash play.


TENNIS LIGHTING: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

In Brookhaven, Ga., a park’s public-private partnership brings high-level tennis instruction to the community. And with a new lighting upgrade, it does so even more efficiently and effectively.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A More Efficient Approach

When this YMCA wanted to boost its energy efficiency, it turned to energy-efficiency-as-a-service to get the job done efficiently, and with no upfront investment in fixture and HVAC upgrades.


Cleaning Up With Keep America Beautiful

Nine out of 10 people believe that litter is a problem in their states—unsurprising given that there are 50 billion pieces of litter on the ground along U.S. roadways and waterways alone, according to The Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study.