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Riverside Park's Fitness Transformation: A Model for Community Wellness

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What once was an old roller rink has been reimagined into a vibrant community fitness destination with something for everyone! The recent transformation of Riverside Park in Coral Springs, Florida, has brought the community an exciting Ninja course, plus an obstacle course, intergenerational fitness area, and more! This rejuvenated park is inspiring new ways to promote health and wellness in public spaces.

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

Sponsored by Dogipot Inc.

Pet waste stations were created to solve the growing problem of dog pollution. An estimated 90 million dogs are in the U.S., equivalent to nearly 8 billion pounds of dog waste annually. While some consider it a “low-risk behavior,” dog waste left on the ground can cause damaging effects on people and the environment. Pet waste stations and pickup bags were specifically designed to keep dog-friendly areas and their surroundings free from dog waste and its harmful impact. 

At the Water's Edge

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For most of our history (and much of our prehistory), human life has been intricately connected with water. Our earliest organized communities arose around lakes and rivers, and we continue to be drawn to the water, from local river trails to beachfront resorts. It’s not just that we need water to live; being in—or even near—is a calming experience that demonstrates our connection with nature. 

More Barks in Parks

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Dog parks are popular options for parks planning new amenities, and there are several reasons why, according to dog park experts and designers. Certainly, the pandemic fueled demand in the past few years, but a surge in the number of off-leash dog parks in the U.S. existed even earlier.

Find Efficient Restroom & Park Building Solutions

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Providing clean, attractive and well-maintained park restrooms is a surefire solution to ensuring the comfort of people visiting your parks, ballfields and other sites. While many sites rely on porta-potties, this is not the ideal solution when guest comfort is your goal. What’s more, you might be looking to incorporate other types of park buildings, such as concessions or storage.

Get the Most Out of Your Swimming Pool

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During the summer months, no other amenity is enjoyed more than a swimming pool. Though a pool can add to the value of a recreational area, managing and maintaining it is a major investment of time, energy and money. For a public swimming pool to be safe, successful and enjoyable, its management staff must address many issues. Proper management is the key to retaining a pool’s value. 

The Modern Dog Park 3.0

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Dog parks have been transformed! Gone are the days of just “fence and bench” designs. Today’s pet lovers want more, and modern communities can meet their expectations with thoughtful planning and wise investment.