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US Play Coalition

The Value of Play: It Matters!

Guest Column - October 2010

According to researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine, free play is essential to proper cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

Playground Safety

Watch Out Mulch!
Portsmouth Public Schools in Portsmouth, Va

Facility Profile - October 2010

When they wanted to protect kids on the playground, leaders at Portsmouth Public Schools turned to an innovative safety surface solution.

Creative Cushioning

Adding More Safety to Play

Supplement Feature - September 2010

You've seen them in action. Turn those little bodies loose in a play space and they head mostly one direction: up. This explains why research compiled by the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) implicates falls to the surface in nearly 70 percent of reported playground injuries and why the majority of injuries (53 percent) on public playgrounds are related to climbing equipment. Since what climbs up inevitably—and sometimes accidentally—comes down, it makes sense to cushion the fall and keep the playground a happy place.


The Best of Both Worlds
Incorporating Nature Into the Built Playground Environment

Guest Column - September 2010

Immersion in nature is an important piece of childhood development. Finding ways to deliberately design nature back into children's lives will encourage imagination, discourage obesity, and helps develop the environmental stewards of tomorrow.

A Natural Trend

Natural Environment Enhances Playground Designs

Supplement Feature - April 2010

In words and actions, those students two years ago sent a loud and clear message about what they want in a playground, and what changes need to happen in the industry to engage and stimulate them. That message still applies. Playgrounds must provide opportunities for dramatic and imaginative play. Playgrounds should allow for and encourage interaction with the natural world. And they should include little nooks where kids can tuck themselves away for solitary or small-group play.

Parks & Playgrounds

Extreme Makeover, Park Edition

Guest Column - April 2010

Parks can easily become places of natural respite for a community longing to reconnect with the earth. A little reworking of the site is all that's needed.

All Together Now

Making Play Safe & Accessible

Feature Article - March 2010

Before it is opened for fun and play, a playground must go through a careful planning process—one that ensures accessibility and safety for the children.

A Greener Place to Play

Crowley Park/Emerson Elementary School in La Crosse, Wis.

Facility Profile - October 2009

When Emerson Elementary School's playground was sending kids in from recess with splinters, the school needed a solution. Creative partnerships with the city of La Crosse led to a green and safe place for kids to play.

Nature and Nurture

Trends in Play Design

Feature Article - July 2009

When it comes to playgrounds, there are several movements afoot: one brings more natural elements to the playspace, another ensures kids get the right amount of exercise, and a third is meant to provide play for everyone—no matter their economic background or physical abilities.