Are You Still Here?

In January, we all make resolutions. And by March, we mostly forget all about them. But wait. Let me tell you a little secret. You can always start again. Any time. You can start on the first day of spring, if you want. Or you can start next Monday. Or you can start tomorrow. Or you can start right now.

When it comes to big goals that take a lot of time and steps to accomplish, we often fall into a double-sided trap. First, we think that if we fail once, we've failed forever. And second, we think if we fall off the path, we can't get back on it until, well, Monday. Or the first day of next month. Or the day after our birthday. Or the first day of next year.

We forget, and we forget easily, because it's easier to just give up, that reaching a goal takes a lot of falling down and getting back up again.

When you learned to ride a bike, did you do it all in one day? When you learned to swim, were you swimming laps by the end of one week? When you started working in your field, did you have to pay your dues to reach a higher level? When you plan an event, a program, a new facility, is it all done in one day?

It's a cliché, but anything that's worth doing is worth doing over and over again until you get it right.

So, let's take one big step back and say it again: You are here. And you are always here, until you're not here anymore. But have you taken one step forward? Two? Or have you taken a step or two back? No matter. Assess your present location on the road to your goals, think about the long term, and then do the important work: Ask yourself this: What is one teeny-tiny step that I can take right now to get from here to there? Then do it. And do it again. Sometimes you won't want to do it. And that's OK. Give yourself a break now and again, but don't forget to get back up and keep slogging ahead.

When it comes to your personal goals, your career goals, your goals for your facility and your organization, the only way to get there is to begin.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

[email protected]