Water Worlds

Once upon a time, a swimming pool was a swimming pool, and most of them were quite a bit alike. But over the years, as new ways of interacting with the water have led to popular new programs and new expectations from the public, aquatic designers have adapted, creating unique and innovative new worlds of water fun.

In this special supplement to Recreation Management magazine, we talk to some of the most creative aquatic designers to discover their newest ideas and all the ways you can incorporate these innovations into your facility.

We start off taking a closer look at natatorium design, discussing the latest ideas on making the water as multipurpose as possible while managing water and air quality wisely. From there, we turn to outdoor aquatic parks, discussing the range of popular amenities that are transforming outdoor pools into destinations and gathering places for the communities they serve. Finally, we discuss the newest trends in splash play design.

If you are planning to build anything aquatic-related, or if you just want new ideas for your existing facility, we hope you'll find some ideas and inspiration in these pages.

Happy Swimming!

Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

[email protected]