An Expanding World of Water Fun

Thirteen years ago, when I first started at Recreation Management, the idea of rectangular pools being a thing of the past was already taking a firm hold in the minds of those who design, operate and own aquatic facilities. The evolution from rectangular pools with diving boards at one end to multi-shaped, multi-temperature, multipurpose pools with slides and games and much, much more was already going strong at that point, and it hasn't stopped since.

Every year brings even more creative and innovative ideas to pools, aquatic parks and other aquatic venues, and the offerings continue to evolve to meet the changing and growing demands of a population that just can't wait to have some fun in the water.

This month, we offer this special supplement to take a look at some of those newest adaptations. We start with a look at the latest trends in waterparks, from surfing simulators and rides to smarter marketing and methods to keep the experience fresh so visitors come back time and again.

From there, we turn to a close examination of inclusiveness in splash play areas. Manufacturers of splash play products and planners and designers of spray parks have rolled with the times, moving far beyond mere accessibility to create places where a multigenerational, diverse audience of all abilities can play together.

Read on to find new ideas to put into practice at your facility!

Have Fun!

Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

[email protected]