Aquatics by the Numbers

Building on the longtime success of our Annual State of the Industry Report, last year we began compiling data specifically about aquatic facilities, which makes this our second annual Aquatic Trends Report. Based on our Aquatic Trends survey, we dig into numbers compiled from survey respondents on topics from facility management, operations and budgets to recreational equipment, disinfection systems, resource conservation, programming and more.

As with the Industry Report, we have various ways to break down data, so we can understand better the differences in aquatic operations between facilities run by parks and recreation, colleges, schools, Ys, camps and rec centers. But beyond that, this year, we've also broken out two groups of survey respondents—those who have indoor pools only and those who have outdoor pools only—to get a better picture of some of the differences between indoor and outdoor pools.

This report does not replace the information covered in the annual Industry Report, which will still include more specifics on aquatic facilities. But it does expand into new territory to paint an even more detailed picture of these wholly unique facilities.

As you make plans for your own aquatic facility, we hope the information in these pages will prove useful and enlightening.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

[email protected]