We'll Meet Again...

A handshake. A friendly wave from across the way. A hug. A chat, as you catch up with far-away friends and folks you only see when you head to an annual conference and trade show.

Even the deeply introverted, as I can attest, can wax nostalgic for such things.

In ordinary times, this is the season when kids are heading back into the classroom (a First Day of School photo from six years ago popped up in my Facebook memories this morning). It's also the season when the team here at Recreation Management is getting ready for a busy whirlwind of conferences and trade shows—the World Waterpark Association Conference, the World Aquatic Health Conference, the National Recreation & Park Association Conference, the American Society of Landscape Architects Conference, the Athletic Business Conference, IAAPA, and more.

Perhaps you, too, are a regular attendee of one or more of these events. We all go for different reasons—from education and finding out all the newest product innovations to networking with our peers and so much more.

Of course, these are not ordinary times, and as I write this, many of these conferences have been canceled or moved to an online format. And I've seen some business reporters wonder whether, perhaps, this spells the end of in-person meetings and conferences as businesses realize they can do without.

To that, I say, "Phooey."

Each of us gets something different from the conferences and trade shows we regularly attend. And the virtual replacements for in-person events will surely be beneficial throughout the fall months, providing a way to keep learning and growing despite our inability to hold large meetings in person.

And perhaps there are some folks who will choose to sit it out from here on out. But for many, these events are a chance to expand our networks, share new ideas, and discover and embrace different ways of getting the job done effectively.

Much of what happens at a conference can be re-created online. But that doesn't mean we won't take advantage of the chance for face-to-face interaction with those who shape the industry, when it is safe to do so.

We'll meet again,

Until then,

Be safe out there!

And be well,

Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

[email protected]