What's New?

Welcome, dear readers, to 2022—a brand new year. With this first step into the adventure of the new year, I'd like to give you a little tour of some of the new things we've got going on here at Recreation Management.

If you've been a reader of our print issue for some time, you likely already know the first bit of news. You're holding it your hands. That's right. We've listened to your requests, and downsized. But don't worry! We've only changed the size of the magazine itself. For those who appreciate detailed and in-depth coverage of a wide variety of facilities, amenities, programming and more, rest assured that we have no plans to short-change you when it comes to content. We've got all the same great information; we're just packaging it into a smaller, easier-to-read size.

But wait! That's not all!

Along with this new, smaller magazine size, we've scrapped the "pull-out" nature of our regular supplemental issues, and have switched to a new flipbook format. Four times a year, once you finish reading the regular issue, you can simply "flip the book" and dig into the specialized content. As you can see, we get this ball rolling right away. Flip this issue, and you'll find our annual Aquatic Trends Report. You can expect the next flipbook issue in March, when we feature our annual Guide to Playgrounds and Park Furnishings.

But wait! That's not all!

In addition to these changes to our print edition, we're also planning new ways to serve you with digital information. You may already be familiar with the digital edition of Recreation Management, as well as our website and e-newsletters. In addition to these, we'll be launching two new e-newsletters in 2022—one highlighting more specific details from our Industry Report and Aquatic Trends research; the other giving you up-close-and-personal details of successful aquatic, recreation, sports and fitness facility projects from across the country. If you're not a subscriber yet, head over to RecManagement.com and sign up.

These are exciting changes for us here, and we hope you'll enjoy coming along as we adventure into new ways of delivering you all the latest news and ideas to help you manage your facility effectively.

Here's to a bright and hopeful 2022!


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

[email protected]