Making It All Fit

The coronavirus pandemic drove people outdoors to parks, trails and other sites for recreation, fitness and socializing in record numbers. All of that increased wear and tear might have you thinking about your parks and sites, with an eye toward making some improvements. Or, you might have simply realized you can do more to make your sites amenable to the increasing crowd.

Whatever your goal is, we've got some ideas for you here in our annual Guide to Playgrounds & Park Furnishings.

We start off here with a look at how park planning and design can expand the idea of green infrastructure to incorporate all the ways parks benefit our health, physical, mental and social, in addition to the more traditional notions of managing stormwater. Two very different projects in very different parts of the country shine a spotlight on how parks can meet myriad goals.

From there, we turn to playgrounds—and not just any playgrounds. This year, we talked to playground experts about what to consider when planning a destination playground.

Finally, we have a rundown of site furnishing ideas, including how to select designs and materials, as well as how to prevent and recover from problems like vandalism and graffiti.

Whether you're looking to attract people from a wider area or simply serve the community immediately surrounding a space, you can innovate and create unique spaces that fit together perfectly. Turn the page to start gathering ideas.

Be well,

Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

[email protected]