Stop, Then Go!

From popular public parks to upscale fitness clubs, from the local ballfield to a family-friendly aquatic park—no matter what kinds of facilities you've got to manage, problems are bound to arise. How can you find, train and retain quality workers? What should you consider when planning an inclusive playground? How do you navigate supply chain issues, chlorine shortages, or any of the number of challenges that your work-life throws at you?

First, stop. You can't solve a problem without knowing what exactly the problem is. Take your time to consider all angles.

Then, assess. Gather information from your peers at similar facilities and from industry experts. That's where we come in, with the Problem Solver Idea Book.

In this special annual issue, we deliver some smart strategies for dealing with common problems faced in aquatic, fitness, recreation and sports facilities. Whether you're looking for furnishings that will stand the test of time, or you want to know how to ensure your special event goes off without a hitch, whether you want to attract more people to your pool or you just want to keep your facility clean, there's a solution for you in these pages.

Our goal is to cover as many common problems as we can, but if you've come across a challenge you'd like an answer to, let us know! We'll put our heads together with the experts, and try to find a way to answer your question so everyone can benefit.

Now, go! Get out there and tackle those tough challenges.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management