Problems & Solutions

Cracked pool surfaces, unsafe playgrounds, social distancing guidelines, rusting site furnishings, new turf installations, unsightly waste receptacles—no matter what your role is, and no matter what type of facility you operate, you're going to come across challenges and issues. Aquatic, recreation, sports and fitness facilities can present unique challenges, and while sometimes a simple fix is quite obvious, at other times it can be a huge challenge to figure out how to get everything running again.

The best solution to many problems, of course, is prevention, which is why manufacturers are continually coming up with new ideas and innovations that stop problems in their tracks.

And that's what our Problem Solver Idea Book is all about.

Here, we take a look at how manufacturers have approached common problems, challenges and issues in recreation, sports and fitness facility management. From figuring out how to operate your aquatic facility under new COVID-19 guidelines to coming up with ways to get people of all ages active in the great outdoors, from smart installations of gym flooring to providing shade for your patrons to protect them from the sun, we've got solutions to many common problems right here.

Plus, in our feature story on page 7, we've got advice from all kinds of experts on how to reopen your facility safely.

All together, it's an encyclopedia of problems with relevant solutions you can employ in your own facility.

Good luck out there!

Be well,

Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

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