Synthetic Turf Is Top Planned Sports Addition

When it comes to existing and planned sports facilities, respondents to the Industry Report survey were most likely to currently have outdoor sportsgraph courts for sports like basketball and tennis, but the most commonly planned addition was synthetic turf sports fields.

According to the 2022 State of the Industry Report, 55.4% of respondents currently have outdoor sports courts among their facilities. Slightly less than half had natural turf sports fields for sports like football and soccer (48.6%), or indoor courts for sports like basketball and volleyball (48.1%). A little less than a quarter of respondents (23.2%) said they currently have synthetic turf sports fields, and just under a fifth (19.8%) currently have outdoor tracks.

Nearly one-fifth (19.5%) of those with plans to add features at their facilities over the next three years said they would be adding synthetic turf sports fields. More than one in 10 were also planning to add outdoor sports courts (10.9%) or indoor sports courts (10.5%).