Measuring & Weighing the Aquatic Industry

Emily Tipping pictureAfter a couple of years of eye-opening pandemic-driven data, this year’s Aquatic Trends report is a much-wished-for return to… well, almost normal.

To be sure, there are still challenges, and the pandemic effect lingers. In particular, the ongoing difficulties finding lifeguards seemed to get even worse in the data for 2022 than in 2021. Many respondents mentioned difficulties acquiring equipment or chemicals. And the difficulties maintaining aging equipment and facilities have carried over from pre-pandemic years.

That said, respondents continue to bring a crucial outlet to the public they serve, improving aquatic safety and swimming mastery, providing a fun recreational outlet, offering fitness and competitive opportunities and more.

We surveyed more than 500 aquatic facility managers from a wide variety of facility types in order to measure and weigh the state of aquatic facility management. We asked about the equipment and systems that keep their pools’ water clean and clear. We asked about how they addressed the lifeguard shortage. We asked about their budgets and programs and so much more.

All of it adds up to this, our annual Aquatic Trends Report. Use this research to weigh your own facility and operations, and see how you measure up to your peers.



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