Do One Thing Differently

“Don’t live the same year 75 timesEmily Tipping picture
and call it a life.”

— Robin Sharma, writer

The carousel of the seasons turns around and around, and once again it’s found us here at the beginning of a new year. When you read this, it will truly be 2023, but as I write this, it’s actually the winter solstice. No matter—the winter solstice, with its renewal of light (and, one hopes, hope), is just as valid a moment to ponder new beginnings as any other time. (Think about how many days offer this kind of opportunity throughout the year: Your birthday, the first day of spring, the first day of school, and pretty much every Monday morning is a chance to try something new.)

While we’re not making any major changes in the pages of Recreation Management for 2023, we are excited to announce our newly redesigned website at

Everything benefits from a refresh now and then, and the time was certainly more than ripe for the changes we’ve made to the site. Changes that will make it more accessible, easier to use on a variety of devices, and providing a more effective search function, among others. Head on over and check it out. As always, you’ll find the contents of every issue of Recreation Management, along with web-exclusive content, stories and research from the Rec Report e-newsletter, industry news, partner content and more.

While the changes likely don’t appear very major, they’ve certainly shaken things up around here, with various staff members (including yours truly) taking on new responsibilities, and adjusting their existing tasks accordingly.

Any time you make a major change to your operations, it presents an opportunity to rethink, well, everything else you do. It gives you a chance to learn something new, and that new learning might give you some unexpected insight into some other aspect of your work.

Whatever you do in 2023, make sure you do something—even just one thing—differently, and see how it snowballs into reverberating changes for the whole year.

Happy 2023!

Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

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