Everybody’s Aquatics

Emily TippingThe local swimming pool has evolved dramatically in my lifetime, from a simple rectangle with a couple of diving boards at the deep end and maybe a kiddie pool nearby to full-blown aquatic centers with multiple bodies of water at multiple temperatures, perhaps featuring a beach entry, waterslides, splash play area and more.

As pool designs have grown more diverse, so has pool programming, with pools indoors and out offering basic swim lessons and competitions along with a wide variety of aquatic exercise programs, competitive obstacle course races, dive-in movies and so much more.

This month, we’re diving into the design trends that accompany this increasing diversity, from outdoor pools that provide opportunities to expand programming to indoor pools ideal for competition but able to be converted for much more. We also take a look at design trends for the areas around the pool, from concessions and locker rooms to cabanas and other amenities. This issue also features a closeup look at converting those aging kiddie pools into spraygrounds, as well as renovating pool interiors.

Go ahead and jump right in, and see how many ways you can expand your aquatics to reach everybody in your community.




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