It’s Always Something…

Emily TippingOver the past month, I’ve had a plumber out for some minor drainage work and a gutter repairman stop by to patch up some squirrel-related damage. On my own, I repaired my fridge, tackled some downed limbs from a minor tornado that passed a couple blocks away (phew!), fixed the front porch steps and patched up a crack in the basement. When your house is more than a century old, it seems like there’s always something that needs attention.

Your facilities might be 100-plus or less than 10 years old—either way, problems will arise, and you need to know that solutions are available. That’s where we come in.

This special annual issue brings you smart strategies for handling problems and challenges faced by aquatic, fitness, recreation and sports facilities. Those challenges might be as simple to solve as a call to a local contractor or repairperson, but in many cases, manufacturers and suppliers have taken on those problems and come up with innovative ways to address them.

Whether you want better air and water quality for your aquatic facility, new ideas for engaging people at your fitness facility, or new ideas for growing inclusion at your playground, we’ve got ideas on these pages that will help you address your challenges.



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