So Very Grateful

Emily TippingGratitude is good for us. According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, expressing gratitude delivers a whole array of positive mental and physical health benefits, improving sleep, mood and immunity, while lowering depression, anxiety, trouble with chronic pain and disease risk.

Whether it gives you a hit of dopamine and serotonin or not, feeling and expressing gratitude feels like a worthy practice, and so I’d like to take a moment to express mine.

First, I recently attended the annual National Parks and Recreation Association Congress in Dallas, Texas—my first time attending the NRPA event since 2019, before the pandemic. While I was only in Dallas for two days, those days were chock full of good experiences, from the opening general session to the expo hall floor, to education sessions, including some tremendously insightful speed sessions that I just happened across as I strolled through the expo hall. It’s always a great event, and it seemed even better for having missed it three years

Secondly, we’re wrapping up our annual Aquatic Survey at the moment, so I’m feeling grateful to the more than 500 aquatics professionals who took the time to tell us in detail about their operations. (Look for the results of the survey soon after the turning of the year with the January issue!) Be sure to keep your eye our for our annual Industry Report survey in January. Your participation makes it possible for us to report so comprehensively on broad industry trends!   

Finally, I’m grateful for everyone who makes Recreation Management spin, from our small team here in the Midwest to our diverse advertisers from coast to coast and beyond, all the professionals and experts who participate through writing and interviews to bring great content to the page (and the web), and especially to you, dear readers.


With gratitude,


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

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