In Like a…

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The old saying has it that March arrives like a rough and roaring lion, but leaves like a lamb. At the moment of this writing, it remains to be seen how March will break from the starting gate, but the forecast here in Northern Illinois is decidedly un-lionlike. 

Around these parts, a milder and earlier spring is welcome—at least this year—as there seems to be a never-ending list of to-dos both inside and out, and a jump-start on the garden year might mean more forward movement on the grand project of expanding the native flower beds while maintaining the existing perennials and ensuring the vegetable garden turns out a respectable number of cucumbers and kale leaves. Earlier mild weather also makes it possible to get an earlier start on painting and refinishing and other inside work that needs an open window.

Whatever the weather is doing by you, March is a good time to think ahead to the coming season. For many of you, life can get pretty busy beginning in late spring and going all the way through the fall. Is there anything you can do now to make things easier on yourself once you’re in the thick of it?

If nothing else, you can fill your head with useful knowledge, ideas and schemes by reading the great content we’ve brought to the page this month. From locker rooms and waterfronts to our guide to parks and playgrounds, we’re looking to inspire you to do things better and smarter, whether on the smallest scale of a single room in a single facility or on the grandest scale of your entire park system. 

Whether your weather is lion- or lamb-like, we hope it’s a beautiful spring!  


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