A Diversity of Aquatic Offerings

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From community aquatic centers to natatoriums and beyond, aquatic facilities are increasingly being planned to meet a wide variety of community wants and needs. Natatoriums with party rooms alongside designated locker spaces for competition. Aquatic parks with lazy rivers doubling as an exercise venue for early-morning water walkers. Facilities with myriad recreational and fitness offerings, in addition to the sport of swimming, and the basics of water safety. 

Creating innovative facilities that can pivot to meet all these needs is the job of your design team. We talked with aquatic design and renovation professionals across the country to gather their latest insights, ideas and suggestions to help as you turn your aquatic dreams to solid plans. 

From municipal aquatic centers adding waterpark-like elements and multipurpose natatoriums to planning renovations that make more variety possible, we’ve got it covered in these pages. Whether you’ve got big plans for your aquatic facility, or you’re still in the imagine-if stage, we hope you find some helpful direction here.


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