The Long View

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Do you ever wish for a highly accurate crystal ball? One that could let you see how you’ll feel about the decisions you’re making, say, 25 years from now? Alas, only hindsight is 20/20, but it can be useful to think this way when making major plans. 

Whether you’re planning to build a brand-new facility or you’re simply imagining new ideas for the facilities you’ve already got, can you imagine the things that might plague you 25 years from now? Or even just 10 years? What about the things you got right? 

It’s impossible to know what kinds of trends are coming down the pike—from the demographic, economic and social trends to trends around popular and in-demand sports, recreation and fitness activities. And unfortunately, there is no such thing as a highly accurate crystal ball. But you can find reliable professionals—a team of experts who can help guide your thought process as you make big plans for future facilities. 

Experienced architects, landscape architects and other professionals who focus on recreation, sports and fitness are aware of the latest trends, but also know how to take the long view—planning facilities to be more flexible and able to adapt to the trends of tomorrow. In this issue, we’ve talked to these pros to mine their experience for nuggets of wisdom that can help inform your plans. We hope you’ll enjoy your time in these pages, and that you’ll take away some inspiration for your own long view. 


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