From the Editor's Desk

The 10-Year Plan

Most of us, in our careers, are likewise sitting in the midst of a 10-year plan (or some version thereof), rather than arriving at a blank slate. 


On the Up & Up

Hard on the heels of our annual State of the Industry Report, we offer up our annual examination of careers, salaries and demographics of more than 1,400 professionals managing recreation, sports and fitness facilities and programs.

In Safe Keeping

Before making decisions about playground safety surfaces, it's important to consider how your specifics—from climate and usage to maintenance capabilities and budget—will affect the surface over time.

A Wealth of Water Fun

Learn-to-swim is the foundation on which aquatic programming is built, for the most part, but adding in recreational and therapeutic elements offers a chance to expand your audience.

Survival of the Fittest

While some fitness programs maintain popularity over time, there is always something new under the sun. Learn the latest trends so you can meet the demand of your members and entice new visitors.

Web Exclusives

Make Better Weather Decisions

Doppler radar is an important tool in evaluating weather conditions, but it’s important to understand it well before making weather-related decisions.

Filtration Operation: Back to Basics

When it comes to keeping pool water clean and clear, the pool filter is the key. Get back to basics to understand how filtration works.

Guest Columns

Design Corner: Savvy Insight Into Recreation Project Planning

Planning for any recreation facility includes many important decisions, but communication is one of the keys, including transparency about the project goals and execution process.

Fitness: Build Community With Inclusive Outdoor Fitness

As one of the most inclusive amenities for public spaces, outdoor fitness equipment has greatly evolved over the past decade and now provides a vast range of activities for users of nearly every age and fitness level.

How Parks and Recreation Can Help to Reshape Public Health

Most Americans are not getting enough exercise, eating healthily, maintaining a healthy weight or avoiding nicotine. This concerning statistic reinforces the role that local government parks and recreation departments can play in elevating the importance of wellness as a lifestyle choice and providing citizens with affordable, convenient access to fitness services and public resources.


The Last Word with…Brook McDonald

Brook McDonald was "fortunate enough to grow up near parks and other open spaces," and "played a lot outside as a kid."