May 2022 Issue


A Guide to Aquatic DesignA Guide to Aquatic Design

These days, aquatic design professionals are like financial planners—helping facilities diversify their assets to build long-term, sustainable success. In this guide, we talked to the experts about the latest in aquatic design for indoor, outdoor and renovated facilities.

Smart Strategies for Outdoor Aquatics

Design Guidance for New & Updated Outdoor Aquatic Facilities

There are ways to plan outdoor facilities to fit your budget—making space for additions for when more money is available, programming to generate revenue and maximizing space in the design.

Aquatics for Everyone

Natatoriums Meet a Range of Community Needs

As the will to get healthy and stay fit continues to grow, so has the appeal of natatoriums to reap all the benefits—both physical and mental—of working out and relaxing in the water.

How Refreshing!

Aquatic Renovations Bring New Life to Old Pools

For communities, schools, fitness clubs, camps, hotels and other entities that have existing pools that may be outdated or simply worn out, there are smart renovation strategies that can breathe new life into these perceived relics.

Parks for People & the Planet

Landscape architects and park designers continue to find new and innovative ways to conserve land while increasing recreation programming in communities across the country.

Better, Stronger, Healthier

From well-heeled locker rooms and practice facilities to stadiums and arenas that improve the gameday experience for everyone, designers are on top of the latest trends in sports facility design.

Inclusivity & Equity

Community recreation centers provide myriad programming opportunities to local citizens of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, boosting physical, mental and social wellnes



As new types of playgrounds are designed, it’s important to keep safety front and center, continually analyzing new designs to protect children from serious injury.

inPRACTICE / DOGPARKS: A Staycation for People & Pets

Community and local government support combined to get this dog park up and running, with a creative solution in place to handle pet waste.

Web Exclusives

Aquatics Industry Addresses Challenges of Drought

Let's Pool Together, a joint effort between the California Pool and Spa Association and the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, aims to provide education on how pools and spas can help be part of the drought solution.

Splash Pad Renovation Q&A

Experts weigh in on renovating kiddie pools into splash pads, updating existing splash pads and equipment and more.

From the Editor's Desk

Making Connections

In early March, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a disturbing finding. After just one year of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a whopping 25%.

Diversified Assets

The long-term trend in aquatics over the past several decades has been to take the concept of a simple pool and expand it to so much more than a body of water to swim and splash in.

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May 2022