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United in Play

The Latest Playgrounds Are for Everyone

Feature Article - November 2019

Multigenerational play—with elements for keeping families active together—is one of the driving forces in the most recent playground designs, but that's not all. Playground manufacturers continue to innovate on inclusion, nature-connected play and more.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Celebrating 20 Years of Recreation, Sports & Fitness

Feature Article - September 2019

Celebrating 20 years of Recreation Management, we talked to experts from multiple fields about what's changed in recreation, sports and fitness over the past two decades—and what changes might be coming down the pike.


Transforming Play
>> Central Park in New York City

Facility Profile - September 2019

Central Park has been on a mission to revitalize its many playgrounds.

Learn About Play Equipment Certification

Problem Solver - August 2019

What that means is that no matter which type of safety surface you want to install beneath your play equipment—unitary, loose fill or engineered wood fiber—there is a third-party certification to verify that it will perform as the manufacturer claims.

Encourage Activity With Play

Problem Solver - August 2019

Small rope play structures close to the ground offer smaller kids a chance to explore and expand their abilities, while large skyscrapers can provide an opportunity for kids and adults alike to find new pathways for getting fit through climbing.

2019 State of the Managed Recreation Industry

A Look at What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2019

Nearly 1,600 professionals responded to our call for information about their facilities, budgets, construction plans, operations, programming, staffing and more. Here, we summarize their responses.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Assess Needs, Get Input to Select the Right Play Equipment

Supplement Feature - April 2019

Most playgrounds feature an array of apparatuses for children to grow their physical, emotional, cognitive and other skills. But choosing the right playground equipment requires a few first steps.

Challenge Minus Danger

Playground Advancements Help Children Experience Risk With Fewer Big Injuries

Feature Article - January 2019

The best playgrounds encourage kids to stretch beyond their comfort zone and take some risksóbut they do it without compromising safety.


Bringing New Life to the Playground
Toucan's Hideaway in West Chicago, Ill.

Facility Profile - January 2019

In 2009 the 25-year-old pool area was renovated, but the playground remained untouched, according to Gary Major, executive director at the West Chicago Park District. The playground had become highly under-used, so it was time to rethink and repurpose the area. "With the renovation of the waterpark, we added some really nice features," said Major. "So we looked at it as a competition thing in the sense that, why would somebody come over and play in what was then an old playground and a climber, when they could go down a 300-foot waterslide? What can we put in there that will actually compete and draw the crowd?"


The Multi-Faceted Value of Play
The Benefits of Play Extend Beyond Exercise

Guest Column - September 2018

In recent years, unstructured play has often lost out to more structured educational time. But parents and leaders are pushing back, recognizing the myriad benefits—physical, emotional and cognitive—that play can deliver.