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Designed for Play Efficiency
>> Boston Sports Institute // Wellesley, Mass.

Facility Profile - October 2020

Boston, known for its dense saturation of academic institutions and leading sports teams, possesses an ironic gap within its metro-suburban landscape—that of a professional-grade practice facility. Enter the sports ecosystem.

Aquatic Pros Talk Design

Plan Ahead for Operational Success

Supplement Feature - May 2020

In order to achieve operational success at your aquatic facility, you need to start with the design, factoring in your audience and market, as well as how to create aesthetic appeal.

Be Well

Multipurpose Recreation Centers Take a Broader Approach to Wellness

Feature Article - January 2020

Whether it's a parks and recreation community center, a YMCA or a college recreation center, multipurpose facilities have evolved in similar ways over the past decade. They all share a mission to build a community of wellness.

Planning for Flexibility & Wellness

The Ongoing Evolution of Natatorium Design

Feature Article - January 2020

Indoor pools are increasingly designed with attention to the health of swimmers and staff. Here, we take a look at current musts in natatorium design, as well as taking a peak into what will be tomorrow's trends.

The Spaces We Share

Landscape Design Pros on Park Design

Feature Article - January 2020

The best designed parks become destinations for people near and far. Here, we talk to landscape design professionals to find out how to build an engaging and aesthetically pleasing park.

Worlds of Water Fun

A Deep-Dive Into Outdoor Aquatic Park Design

Feature Article - January 2020

When it comes to designing community aquatic parks, it's crucial to plan carefully to ensure the facility can be as close to self-sustaining as possible. Find out more about aquatic designers approach this challenge.

Expanding Possibilities

Designing Spaces for High School Athletes & Fans

Feature Article - January 2020

Nearly 8 million students currently participate in sports at the high school level, according to the NCAA, and they all need a place to play. This feature will examine some of the latest ideas in high school athletic facility design.


Rough Waters
>> Poudre River Whitewater Park in Fort Collins, Colorado

Facility Profile - November 2019

The design of a new whitewater park in Fort Collins, Colo., aims to create a space where everyone in the community can find a way to enjoy the river.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Celebrating 20 Years of Recreation, Sports & Fitness

Feature Article - September 2019

Celebrating 20 years of Recreation Management, we talked to experts from multiple fields about what's changed in recreation, sports and fitness over the past two decades—and what changes might be coming down the pike.

Natatorium Lighting Design

Web Exclusive - September 2019

The Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre in Vanderhoof, British Columbia is a an architectural showpiece with a unique lighting design that creatively illuminates and integrates with the facility's overall design.