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Balancing Acts

There are days at work when you are in the zone, right? Somehow, you manage to accomplish in a matter of hours things that would ordinarily take days to push through.

Water Worlds

Over the years, as new ways of interacting with the water have led to popular new programs and new expectations from the public, aquatic designers have adapted, creating unique and innovative new worlds of water fun.



Aquatic DesignSpecial Supplement

A Guide to Aquatic Facility Design

In our Guide to Aquatic Design, we talked to expert aquatic designers to learn more about the latest design trends for natatoriums and aquatic parks. We also take a closer look at the latest developments in splash play.

New Pool Rules

Diverse aquatic programming and the diverse communities it serves have had a big impact on the way natatoriums are designed.


Aquatics for All

In this feature, industry experts discuss the latest trends in outdoor aquatic park design, including some of the more popular amenities and the challenges of designing such facilities.


Making a Splash!

When the weather gets hot, people of all ages flock to the water, which is one of the reasons why splash play is so popular. With the tremendous growth in these amenities has come a wave of savvy new offerings.

Engage Your Fans & Players

Not every facility can reach the heights of technology found in a professional arena, but smart ways to engage fans and players have trickled down from the big leagues, bringing video boards, better connectivity and more to a new generation of sports fans.


Purposeful Places

The role of landscape design in recreational spaces has evolved to include ADA requirements, sustainability trends and multi-use areas flexible enough to draw as many people as possible.


Aiming for Versatility

In this feature, industry experts discuss the latest trends in multipurpose facility design, as well as the common elements that are essential in these facilities.


Making Connections

The latest fitness facilities are focused on more than physical health, increasingly providing space for social interaction and even connection with the outdoors.

Web Exclusives

Neighborhood Investments & The Common Good

A recent report covering four cities reveals how investments in parks, libraries, trails and other civic assets can change people’s perceptions of the surrounding neighborhood.

Brand-New View

When Pinellas County, Fla., needed to replace the boardwalks and fishing pier surrounding the observation tower at scenic Wall Springs Park, engineers decided to find a more lasting solution.


Guest Columns

Facility Profiles

University Athletics: Adding Value

At Weber State, a little-used rooftop courtyard atop an athletic building gets a major refresh, bringing popular pickleball programming to students and staff.

Sustainable Solutions to Serve the Community

At this recreation center, sustainability is one of the keys to effective design.