October 2022 Issue


Stand Guard

Dealing With Lifeguard Shortages, and Other Concerns in Waterpark Safety

The Great Resignation combined with the pandemic's impact on recertification have led to shortages in the workers most crucial to waterpark safety. Learn more about how some parks are adapting.

Mist, Spray & Splash

Trends in Splash Play, From Inclusion to Water Conservation

Splash play areas have come a long way over the past two decades. Newer offerings continue to innovate and offer inclusive opportunities for play, while finding ways to conserve water when needed.

A Growing Wave

Waterparks of All Kinds Adapt to the New Normal

Though the pandemic had a heavy impact on the waterpark industry, things are getting back to normal, with many opening new rides and upgrading existing offerings.

Party On!

Festivals & Events Are Back in Business

Whether they're celebrating a holiday, spotlighting local cuisine and culture, or highlighting some other theme, local festivals and events are a great way to get the community out for some fun.

Essential Amenities

From Aesthetics to Safety, Park Restrooms Adapt

The newest park restroom structures feature a wide array of options when it comes to aesthetics, amenities and more. Learn more about how to add these essential amenities to your site.

Upgrade Your Gameday Experience

Lighting, Sound & Scoreboard Improvements to Engage Players & Fans

Updating your lighting and improving your sound are just a couple of ways to level up your gameday experience for everyone.

Web Exclusives

Long-Term Health for Sports & Entertainment Venues

The pandemic has shifted the way people look at building cleanliness. Here are six things to consider to make your venue healthier for occupants.

Improve Your Rec Center's Energy Efficiency & Occupant Comfort

Rec centers, gymnasiums and health clubs struggle to maintain building temperature and comfort while keeping costs down. And who doesn’t want to do their part to improve energy efficiency?

From The Editor's Desk

Riding the Waves

The past couple of years have delivered some stormy seas to the waterpark industry. 

People Watching

Let's take a minute to celebrate spectators, formal and informal. 


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