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Out of the Sun

Shelters & Shade Structures Create Well-Rounded Public Spaces

Feature Article - September 2020

Parks and trails have provided an outdoor respite for many during the pandemic. Here, we'll talk about how shelters and shade help provide a home away from home, suitable for outdoor R&R.


The Sun Broke Through
>> Harley C. Jones Memorial Rotary Amphitheater // Celina, Ohio

Facility Profile - March 2020

A park in Celina, Ohio, created a brand-new amphitheater and named it for a celebrated local philanthropist.

Great Escapes

Provide Respite & Relaxation With Shelters & Shade Structures

Feature Article - October 2019

From elaborate structures that serve as park centerpieces to simpler shelters that offer an easy way to get out of the weather, we cover all of the ways shelters and shade structures can help improve your site.

Customize Shelters for Your Site

Problem Solver - August 2019

Whatever you decide regarding the aesthetic of your site, you'll be able to find a tremendous range of premanufactured shelters, gazebos, pavilions, kiosks and other structures that will blend perfectly into that context. Be sure to discuss your wants and needs with your manufacturer, and ask about how the prevailing climate in your area, whether dry desert heat, heavy snow loads or salt air near the ocean, might affect your decision.

Gimme Shelter

Keys for Creating Great Covered Spaces

Feature Article - October 2018

Shelters and shade structures not only provide patrons with a little respite from the blazing sun or bad weather, they can also create a unique focal point for a site, providing a beautiful aesthetic or highlighting a lovely view.

Add a Unique Focal Point to Your Park

Problem Solver - August 2018

Even if you don't have the budget to fully customize a shelter or pavilion for your park, you can still get a unique look. Look for designs that feature colors and materials that work well in your setting. Premanufactured shelters will make installation simple, and there is a tremendous variety of options available straight from the catalog to suit your site's needs. You can even find shelters with a custom look, designed in Craftsman style and featuring stunning architectural details that will really make an impression.

Coordinate Shelters for Your Site

Problem Solver - August 2018

No matter what look your site suggests, you should be able to find premanufactured gazebos, pavilions, shelters, kiosks, message centers, shade structures and more to fit perfectly in that context. Talk to your manufacturer about the options, and be sure to explain how the climate, such as salt air near the ocean or heavy snow in the mountains, will affect your choices.

Create an All-Inclusive Park

Problem Solver - August 2018

Then, work with your shelter manufacturer to find unique shelters, amphitheaters, and even covers for spectators and players at your ballfield. Shade and shelters help create an aesthetically pleasing, unified site with a cohesive look, while providing comfort, helping to protect users from UV rays, and encouraging people to stay longer. A recent study by Arizona State University determined that shade is an important factor in people's ability to enjoy time outdoors in warmer temperatures.

Add a Little Shade

Shelters, Shade Structures Mix Function & Style

Feature Article - October 2017

When you want to create a park that attracts a wide range of visitors while also creating visual appeal, shelters and shade structures can really make a difference.

Shelters & Shade

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The Kitchen Community in Memphis, Tenn., & Other Locations

Facility Profile - September 2017

At The Kitchen Community's gardens in various cities across the country, children learn how to grow and eat healthy.